8th & 9th November 2023 | Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium​

About TT

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge, commitment to superior customer service, and dedication to excellence.
Our passion for what we do drives us to find and connect the right people, the right way, at the right time. We enable you to access the people, ideas, and content that makes a difference.

Who we are
At TT GROUP we specialise in educational and interactive meetings. We believe in the importance of connecting great minds to develop clarity and by attending a TT meeting you will find the most effective strategy to tackle the challenges faced within the market we serve.

What we do
TT GROUP develop and deliver strategic informational programmes through training courses, conferences and forums aimed at tightly targeted audiences across highly regulated industries. Our programs address the needs of today’s leading executives across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia through timely and specific content.

Why we do
At TT GROUP we believe in offering our clients cutting edge programs that are not vendor or solution provider driven. We recognise how crucial real time information is and convey this information to our delegates through our exclusive meetings.

Our team of production specialists aim to discover solutions, to the most current and pressing challenges faced. TT Group places great importance in the crucial role of strategic learning thus alleviating constraints on an organisation’s time, resources and growth.

TT meetings provide the opportunity for real interaction and engagement. With a select number of attendees, we are able to ensure a greater time allocation to Q&A’s, in-depth discussion and debates.

Attendees can seek the information they need directly from our speakers and speakers benefit from greater engagement with their audience.

TT meetings connect you with your peers from across the world.

Our mission is to continue the problem solving and knowledge sharing our communities already benefit from, enabling greater excellence in your professional role